Prowler Proof Warranty

prowler proof 10 year warranty

Australia’s best warranty.

Prowler Proof is the only security screen manufacturer in Australia to offer a 10 year replacement warranty. You will quite simply get a new product if your Prowler Proof product shows any defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from the date of manufacture. No ifs, no buts…no paperwork.

Top quality accessories

Prowler Proof look for equal partners when we source suppliers of accessories like locks, handles, hinges, rollers, door closers, etc. This means that you can rely on the quality of the products as well as the individual warranties that cover these accessories.

Care and maintenance

Thanks to the way they are built, Prowler Proof products require little maintenance. Cleaning every six months - every three months in coastal or industrial regions - is all it takes. Security products that are held together by screws or rivets can require cleaning as often as every 2-4 weeks in coastal regions.

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