Hinged Window Screens

hinged window screens

Think of the possibilities for an opening security window screen.

Being able to open your security screen allows for easy access. Be it passing food into an entertaining area, or in case of an emergency.

The biggest advantage, on a day to day basis, is the accessibility to open the screen to clean both screen and window glass, for a perfect view.

Prowler Proof’s unique system includes European designed hardware, with high security multi-point locking. This hardware has been proven to perform time after time, so you can be assured that your screen will open when you need it to, and close properly everytime. Like all Prowler Proof security products, our Hinge window has been tested and passed the Australian Standard AS5039, so you can be confident that the screen will only open when you want it to.

Our unique fixing channel with H.I.T.™ – Hidden Installation Technology, not only hides all the fasteners so your screen doesn’t look like its been added as an after thought, it locks all of them away, removing tampering opportunities.

The purpose designed, dual action handle removes the chance of accidental opening.

 Hinged Window Screens Product Sheet (668 KB)

hinged window screens

Hinged Window Screens Features

  • Available in ForceField or Protec security mesh

  • Fully welded frame and removable sash

  • Unbreakable bond

  • High security locking cams

  • Flush dual action handle

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